On The Leverage Recall

When I’m not reading a book on a lazy weekend, I watch a movie. More likely, I’m catching up on any one of the 34 active TV series on my list. So what happens when it’s that time of the year when series seem to be all on hiatus?

Why, re-watch the entire series, of course!

My current [re]obsession is Leverage, a modern-day Robin hood-kind of procedural show, where thieves do thieve-work for the good of the small folk. I will not dig into the show’s description because one, this is less of an infomercial and more of a self-reminder for when I re-watch the series in the future (for how many times then, it is too embarrassing to divulge). Two, there’s just so much to talk about this show.

So, five things about Leverage, then:

1. Over-the-top theatrics


This isn’t really something that I dig about this show, and this might not be a good way to start a list, but I just want to get this over with right off the bat: Leverage is not shy of being too theatrical. This did not stop me from watching episode after episode, because the good things are just too good to give up for just this one reason, but there are just times (and not rarely, mind you) when they stage the show’s “Crowning Moment of Awesome” too dramatically, it’s like someone yelled “Shatner!” and the whole crew just went overboard. They look awesome, for sure. But eye-rolling awesome.

2. Well-developed characters


One of the things that got me hooked on this show is how well each of the five main characters were developed.  From their shady pasts (hello, flashbacks!) to their catchphrases (Age of the geek, baby), each character development is nothing short of the kind of job you’d expect from a show whose basic ingredient is making up different identities.

3. I live for the moment when…


And speaking of catchphrases, I could not let this go without putting out the suggestion of a drinking game: for every time Nate says “Let’s go steal a…”, for every time Hardison says his catchphrase or simply just sasses out on everyone, for every time Elliott makes his scary face–but this would get one drunk faster than you could say ‘Parker’ so maybe just for every time Elliott says “dammit Hardison.” I live for these moments, Crowning Moments of Awesome and Crowning Moments of Funny. Yes, that’s a thing.

4. Feel-good relationship


After five years, this band of I-used-to-work-alone thieves have developed to become a family. Complete with mom, dad, big brother, little sister, and best friend.  It is quite impressive how they were able to portray such relationships with equal amounts of cheesiness, proper emotion, realistic challenges, and awkward funny, all while being badass.

5. Geeky references


I sometimes feel that the writers are geeks, and that this is the reason why the show is both awesome and over-the-top. Either way, I always enjoy the references to other shows and movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Angel, Hitchhiker’s Guide, etc. For a fairly geeky girl, it makes me dumbly happy to understand these.

There had been quite a disappointment over the show’s cancellation, but I am personally content that they at least made five seasons of it, and that the series ender was a clean–and hopeful–goodbye.

Yeah, yeah. This isn’t just a “current” [re]obsession; I’m done with the whole series. Again. But my motto is always:



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