On bloopers and precious laughter–a teacher’s Diary

Every teacher will, whether or not she has done this before, at some point fall in love with what she does. Every teacher lives for the moment when a student comes back to show off what he has become and the things he has achieved. This is why every teacher continues whatever it is she is doing, no matter how difficult it sometimes becomes.

But when the going gets tough and it is too foggy to see the inspiration, every teacher turns to the one thing that keeps her smiling: the Bloopers.

And as communications trainer in a non-English speaking country, the very reason why I will always love my job is knowing that there’s an enormous trove of Feels to treasure and a whole lot of Funny to look out for.

Here are a few stories that made us go:



During a mock interview, with the trainer posing as an interviewer:

Trainer:  Tell me what makes you so nervous.

Trainee:  Well, you know–you’re on top and I’m below.

[he meant he’s “just” a trainee and the trainer is an authority-figure]


After replying to an email from an applicant, I signed the letter with:


[Ms L]

So I received a reply which started with:

Hello Cheers,


A text message from an applicant regarding her interview schedule:

I am very sorry that I can’t make it to the interview, I am in my island and my shipping schedule is still on Wednesday!


On hair-raising situations:

Well, ma’am, you can tell that I am very scared because I already have elongated fur


After Venus Raj’s Miss Universe answer:

Interviewer:  Tell me, what was the biggest mistake you ever did?

Applicant (a teen mom):  When I entered the kingdom of love!

Interviewer (uneasy):  Ok, in that case just tell me the second biggest mistake you ever did.

Applicant:  When I entered the kingdom of love…again.

She was a teen mom…of two. Hey, how could we have known?


Interviewing an applicant who is new in town:

Interviewer:  Cool, you’re new in town! What brought you to this city?

Applicant:  The plane, ma’am.

Yeah, well. I guess that one’s on me.


Well, they became unforgettable, didn’t they?


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