Travel Theme: Distance

I am not a photographer so by all rights (or the lack thereof) I should not have any business joining photo challenges–there goes the disclaimer.

But I have always enjoyed photographs, and I have always loved writing about things. So writing about this week’s challenge(s) will keep me sane amidst the mess I call “office”

I will present Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week, Distance, through the lenses of a very good friend, Silver.  To her, to travel is to challenge herself to do more until she reaches her destination. To me, Distance poses the question of how far you have gone and how long you could still go.


A village of tents, resting for the night atop a mountain overlooking a strait, with the next island visible in the distance.  In an archipelagic country such as mine, there is a lot of “distant islands” to see.


One leg of the trip is the falls. Talk about pushing yourself to do more! Question is, will you go the distance?

As for me, well…sometimes, I prefer the peace and quiet.


The distant island you see is walking distance from the island where I’m at. That’s how the dogs get from one island to another.


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