Oh, Sheila.

I rarely call anyone my best friend, and although I have been lucky to have others call me their best friend, I have never introduced myself as someone’s “best friend”. It just so happens that I have friends I know very well.

And, sometimes, these friends happen to cry easily, at the cheesiest of moments and the little-lest of things you do for them. But hey–that’s what makes them adorable and captivating, isn’t it?

Any ways, I have made quite a number of things in the past: short scripts for school skits, poems, unfinished short stories, “investigative” report on the most controversial love pentagon in college, etc. Not long ago, a friend told me she kept a bulk of these outputs, and that’s when I realized that I don’t have copies of these. And that’s why I’m using this space of the internet to “park my stuff”.

With Inspiration from Agnes’ monotonous recital of her poem in Despicable Me 2, I made a short poem for a good friend of mine. Who’s probably crying right now because this is dedicated to her. Oh, Sheila.

This is supposed to be read the way Agnes reads them.

She gets my weirdness

she knows me bare

my OC friend Sheila

is beyond compare.


This poem wouldn’t sum

the girl that she is

and I’m very very sorry

for things I might miss


She likes things perfect

this one’s for sure

cause she sees perfection,

potential and more.


She likes happy things

like chocolate or rainbow

and sometimes, just sometimes

she talks like Elmo.


She’s short creative

and childlike and sweet

and sometimes I hate it

when she tells me to eat.


But she’s got my back

when I’m sad and lonely

and she also understands

when I’m mad or…horny


…and that’s probably the wrong feeling to choose.


I guess what I’m saying

is that I’m very glad

to have a friend like Sheila,

so awesome and rad.



the poem came with the hand-crafted popup card


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