Wonderland Is Real (Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside)

“If you look closer, magic is everywhere.”

When we were younger, there were general rules and beliefs that is universally accepted. For example, every kid knows that the lights in the refrigerator door signals the presence of a portal to another world; that one should only hop from one couch to another and never touch the floor because it’s made of magma; and that the cardboard tube from a roll of tissue paper is the best weapon you can have because, seriously, light sabers.

When we were younger, we get toys, but we didn’t really need them, did we? They were merely tools, because the real adventure is the world we live in. And if we look closer, we can tell: Wonderland is real.

On the outside, it’s just Mama’s garden. Take a closer look, and you’ll see there is a whole different world inside–you’ve just traveled down the rabbit hole, my friend.

When you look around, what do you see?


I call this Lothlorien, as it reminds me of how Lothlorien was portrayed in Lord of the Rings.

The Ballerinas gliding gracefully.

The Ballerinas gliding gracefully.


Can you see the Peach Fairy talking to the mortal?


Careful, the Townsfolk are rather distrusting.

This post is in response to: Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

3 thoughts on “Wonderland Is Real (Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside)

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