Lessons From Candid Shots (Cee’s Challenge and Throwback Thursday)`

I have found a great angle for Throwback Thursday and I found a great sub-theme for Cee’s Photo Challenge: (Old) Candid Shots.

Truthful and straightforward are words that are synonymous to candid. These are flashback photos of my younger years that show how fun those years were, with snippets of the things I learned.

1.  Like the fact that life never goes according to plan and even when you’re posing for a supposedly formal photo op, something–anything, really–could happen that just makes it a candid moment.


Graduation photo op: when someone flipped someone’s graduation cap.

2.  Or the happy thought that when the going gets tough, someone will always show up to make things more wacky.


That moment when you wanted to document everyone’s fussing about, and someone notices.

3.  I also learned that no matter how hard you try to get recognized, there will always be people better at hogging attentions…


That revealing moment when you just yell “Picture!”

4.  …but that it’s okay, because they’re friends and you’ll always make the better choice of keeping the friendship.


…and everyone tries to get into the frame. That’s when everything is revealed.

5.  That in your most bare moments, when you thought you can let go of pretenses because you’re alone, someone will always be there to see you–and that they’d like what they see…


Sunrise swim, when no one is watching.

6.  because they appreciate what you did when your guard was up and realize that you put on your best face just for them.


Giving instructions, from my kids’ point of view.


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