Silver, With A Golden Heart

Do clothes make a woman?

To my (birthday) friend Silver, it certainly does. She wears what she feels, and her favorite accessory is a smile.

This is in response to Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man and my birthday gift.


Silver, with a heart of gold
bright and fun as marigold.
A friend to cherish, a hand to hold
is silver, with her heart of gold.

Don’t get her started or she’ll start to rap,
she’ll sing Eminem and quote Tupac
and she memorized every track…
…it’s borderline obsessive.

She doesn’t believe life’s black and white,
she’s every color, and neon-bright!
She’s every feeling: cold, warm, and hot
she’s Silver, with the golden heart.


I’d post the many outfits of Silver, but there’s not enough space. xxx


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