Moving And Music

Ever wondered how your life would turn out if you just packed up and left? On to a different city, in a different apartment with a different set of neighbors, working on a different job, living a different life?


Just putting my ambition out there: these would’ve been my ride.

I have. I have thought what if would have felt like to leave everything: the good things and bad, and face the frighteningly unknown future.  Heck, truth be told, I have made preparations for exactly that.  I wondered how it would be to live on the road, and realized that it would be both terribly difficult but completely liberating.  This song, Run Away With Me, specifically Jeremy Jordan’s rendition, reminded me of everything I felt about…going. An utterly honest version, portraying both the excitement at the idea and the fear of failure.

“Let me be your ride out of town, let me be the place that you hide.”

Some time ago, I realized what had attracted me to the idea of a life-long road trip. Anonymity. I felt more at peace, being unknown, because that is my bubble. But then that is not me, not entirely. I have many other selves; a complex web of emotions and traits and mentalities and decisions all overlapping into who I am. Then, I knew that the anonymity offered by “a different life” will imprison the other sides of me, especially the one that was born to share, to reach out, and to lead.  I realized that I cannot be on the road for a long time, because I will always come back to the other places where I am also comfortable in: with family, with friends. This song, then, has become the template for which I live my life; a mantra I repeat everyday.  Billy Joel’s Vienna has become a reminder that I can stop whenever I want, but that I have to pick up the pieces, I have to move along.

Because I can be happy wherever I may be, knowing that the rest of my life waits for me.

“Slow down, you crazy child. Take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while. It’s alright, you can afford to lose a day or two.”

This song is in response to Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music

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