25 Days, 25 Songs Day 1: A Song From Your Childhood

It is always advised to write everyday: first a sentence, then a paragraph, then a page, and you’d finally get to a chapter. Well, I wouldn’t go the “chapter” part, but the problem with me is I also don’t go to “…and then post it online” part. For I am an old soul and I like writing by hand and I would never give up th….well, because I am lazy and I don’t remember, that’s why.

And so I clicked a link that brought me to a blog which offered another link to Stuphblog, which shouted out a challenge–in delicious profanity–for writing (and posting online, don’t forget the posting online) for 25 days in a row.

Day 1: A Song From Your Childhood

I was born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s, so my first sight rested on teased hair and neon-colored stirrups. But the first music I understood and loved and cried over (because who did not go through an emo phase, really?) were boy-bands, back when the word was coined for its literal translation, independent of autotune. Back when “boy” was lanky, lean, just a little awkward and a whole lot adorable, and “band” is still a meaningful word that requires the members to show how they play their musical instruments.

There is a whole revolution of music to choose from, when we speak of the 80s-to-90s. This is the first song that brought me to music. Of course, I grew from lanky boybands to rock and alternative rock and eventually discovered the classics and decided that my soul is from that era. However, this song certainly started it all.

And no one knows what the chorus means, until now. Which is awesome. Don’t judge.

ps: I just really wanted to add that the music video is hilarious because the extent of the cgi is green screen and floating bands superimposed on a blooming flower. And that these were the glorious days of MTV.

Excuse me while I go and be all nostalgic and watch more of the 90s.


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