25 Days, 25 Songs Day 4: Calms You Down

Dear TwinDaddy,

I think it’s getting more difficult by the day. I can only hope it gets better at some point, because I refuse to look at the list as a whole and check what’s coming. So I had to find some inspiration by looking at other people’s posts before I finally remembered mine. This activity reminded me of a lot of awesome songs, though.


It took a while for this song to come (back) to mind, which I think is a good thing since I only ever listen to this song on loop when I want to declutter my mind so I can focus on one thing. As I realized that I haven’t listened to this song for some time, I felt that listening to this again was a pleasant way to end my work day.

Camille is a songstress whose songs I mostly don’t understand, but Le Festin is a song that sings your soul into a kind of serenity you feel when you’re eating a delicious meal on a nice day of “Dolce Far Niente.” I believe it’s the thought of that kind of day that assures me that there will be better days.

free at last, I won’t be undersold
surviving isn’t living; won’t eat what I’m told.


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