25 Days, 25 Songs Day 6: Best Friend

Today, someone thanked me for a “great training class.”

Which reminded me, yet again, how much I liked doing my job. Little notes of gratitude like the simple, privately-spoken comment I received today have become the moments I live for. These are my thank-you’s, and I will keep them all to myself for future admiration when I’m old and wanting to feel awesome again, thank you very much.

You know who else likes teaching so much?

My best friend Sheila.

She’s a bit of an obsessive individual, especially when it comes to things about health and environment and upcycle crafts and having the right-colored pen when checking papers. She’s partly intimidating and partly adorable, something even I would admit is confusing. She likes sugar, not spice, and practically swoons at everything nice. She’s logical and nerdy, to a fault, like you’d appreciate a rainbow and she’d tell you how it’s made.

And in all her sweetness, you wouldn’t think she’d like songs from rock bands and rappers. But she does, because she’s a pretty, warm, and fuzzy gift in a puzzle box.

So I can’t possibly enumerate the songs she likes, but she does have a terrible case of LSS, the worst instance of which was when it took her half a semester to shake off All Star from her head.

I teased her ceaselessly, but I love her all the same.

Look at that! TwinDaddy‘s challenge of the day wasn’t the one that brought the memories back.


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