25 Days, 25 Songs: Two In One

So, what did I miss?

No, I did not forget TwinDaddy‘s 25 days worth of songs; I just could not do days 8 and 9 because I was away and separate from civilization. I went on a camping trip, where I helped teach a bunch of kids some basics of mountaineering. It was fun, even though I ended up with another layer of sunburn. I’m pretty sure this is how my skin looks like right now:

unnamedAnyway, I ended up with a long cut across my front leg, which I did not know I had until much later and a lungful of campfire smoke but I’d definitely do it all over again and add another layer of bright red on the color palette that is my skin.

Now, on to the challenge. I’l posting the days that I’m missing, so this is going to be my “catch up” entry.

Day 8: A song that reminds you of your first love.

Well, damn. I can’t quite figure out who my “first love” was. Does puppy love count? I mean, after all, back when we were feeling the puppy love, it felt like real one. The problem now is who my first puppy love was. I can’t remember. In any case, this song was definitely how I felt then: cheesy and sure of the weight that the feeling brought. I couldn’t bring myself to ask you not to judge me. Go ahead, judge me. This is a cheesy song. But I still love Aladdin.


Day 9: A song that makes you hopeful

Heh. I guess this is a great time to pitch in Billy Joel’s Vienna in the mix.  In one of his great stories, Billy Joel said that Vienna, the city, to him is the metaphor for the rest of one’s life. Unlike most of the world who puts old people in old-people homes to be taken cared of by well-meaning strangers, Vienna gives their elders something to do, no matter how menial the job is, and this in turn makes the elders still feel useful. The song further encourages the listener to afford to lose a day or two, because once the temporary separation from the world is over and you get back to the complexities of your normal life, you will find that it will just be there–the rest of your life–waiting for you.

So yeah, I was incommunicado for the past two and a half days because I froze the fuzz and buzz in order to enjoy mornings like this:


Sunrise, Day 2 @ the campsite


 ake the phone off the hook and disappear for awhile
it’s all right, you can afford to lose a day or two
when will you realize, Vienna waits for you


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