25 Days, 25 Songs Day 13: Ex-Friend

Well, that’s someone I didn’t want to remember. But when it comes to TwinDaddy‘s day 13 song challenge, any other friend was just a friend I have not kept in touch with, and “Former Friend” brought to mind only one person.

I guess everyone has that one friend who thinks the universe revolves around them. Well, ex-Friend knows the universe is not centered around her, because she knows everything, silly! It only happens that she gets a stalker every other week, and that she’ll be the best girl you’d never have because no, she’s not being picky, she just has uncompromising standards.


Okay, that sounded bitter. But reading a Facebook post about a national tragedy that somehow is connected to her love life–well, you couldn’t help the rancorous sentiment when you’re trying to figure out what else you could do.

Oh, well. We all have that friend, I guess.


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