The Rice Cooker Chocolate Cake Recipe

It was an experiment of sorts. My friends and I were talking about the overuse of social media and, while I never understood the need for a blow-by-blow report of your life for all the interwebs to see, I am also amazed at how easily some people think of something to share, e.g. the coffee they’re drinking, the mood they’re in, the gas that “someone they knew” passed. How do you look at a ball pen and say, “hey, the world needs to know about this”?

I once came across a blog of someone who baked a Banana cake using a rice cooker. That caught my attention and I made a mental note to follow her recipe some time. Like many of my mental notes, this was forgotten. One day I saw another article where someone made a Chocolate cake with fudge topping baked using a rice cooker. I took that as a sign. The universe is calling on me to do some baking!

So, I decided to live-FB (I don’t have twitter) the baking process. And immediately it was tedious. Mine is not a recipe blog, so I wouldn’t presume to know what to do. I could, however, tell you that baking with the rice cooker is a more mentally relaxing and less tedious than remembering to put up the process all the time.

For the Chocolate Cake recipe, here’s the article.

For the Banana Cake recipe, here’s the article.

Early on, I met some hiccups.


Got my focus back:

ugh. when people say they added a “secret ingredient” to their beloved recipes, i’d know it’s probably sweat.

it’s the devil to whisk, but even the batter ish shuu yamiii!!!


At this point I was already seriously grasping for what else to post–hey, an idea!

while i am not hostile towards perfumes, i am also not a fan of them. but this sweet, sweet “perfume” of chocolate dough slowly cooking is heaven. this is how homes should smell like. and this posting-everything-on-fb is proving to be a bother.

so while waiting, find the secret ingredient.


Cake is finally done, and I was more than satisfied on the number of posts it took.

Okay, so it’s time for the big reveal:

Made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting using my rice cooker. I saw a blog about Banana bread using rice cooker once and I saw one for chocolate cake today. I took it as a sign. It had a slightly burnt crust which, if you know me well, just the way I liked my food. It took all my triceps to make and forever to cook, but it is nothing compared to posting on FB, so for that I’m glad this is over.

The cake is decidedly uneven, and I particularly liked the unsmooth, amateurish side. But considering I am trying to recreate Harry Potter’s first BIRTHDAE CAKE from Hagrid, this isn’t bad for my first ever cake, no?


Another problem…

I admit did not think this over.

Why did I even make this when there’s only me and Nove at home? Because chocolate makes you think you can conquer all.

ps: okay, last post na on chocolate cake. salamat sa pagsubaybay. whew!


We finished the cake—not by ourselves—and next on my list is the Banana Cake.

My social media feed was finally silent for a good long while.


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