From Every Angle: Paper Crowns

I was planning the first birthday party of a friend’s daughter. Like any close friend, she confidently demands to have paper crowns included in the party favours for the children. I like DIYs myself, so the idea seemed great—that is until I had to make them, which is tedious.

The mom and dad had to have crowns as well, and this is what I made for my friend, being the mom. She gave me an idea of what she wanted, and I put together a crown from whatever I had left from the previous DIYs. The model is June, not the mother, a sweet office mate of mine.

I also happen to be a geek, and I couldn’t resist showing off that side of mine for the dad’s crown. The model is Steven, not the dad, and another officemate. This just made me miss my old team!

To get Aragorn’s paper crown template, click here.

This is for WPC’s From Every Angle challenge.

I’m not a photographer, be nice to me! I just like joining…things. ^_^


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