Monochromatic Throwbacks

Monochromatic, as suggested by WPC.

Also known as: a perfectly valid excuse to post pictures I kept and did not care to share.

When You Look Closer.

Behind every beautiful scene is an invasion waiting to happen. Seriously, beneath those lilies, toads were waiting. Some are even on ready-to-leap positions and when you look closer, they’re all just there, staring at you, admiring the beautiful lilies. Eurgh.


At the Our Lady of Manaoag Rosary Center in Carmen, Cebu.

Community Outreach

The best part of going out there to help small communities get back on their feet, is that you get to visit new places, and write your name on the sand. No matter how short it stayed there, it was there. The sand remembers.

R:  146 G:  255 B:  167 X:47884 Y:55620 S:    0 Z:   21 F:  278

Gawad Kalinga Outreach @ San Remegio, from Sheila

Gloom and Peace

The gloomy skies matched the color of the dilapidated and weathered statues. Considering this was during a time of repentance and the Christ dying, it brought a kind of peace—odd an unexpected, but present.

2014-04-14 12.58.38

Celestial Gardens @ Banawa, Cebu City


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