Empty Nest and the Perceived Freedom (Or why I made Deep Fried Oreos)

I am guardian to two college kids, a nephew and a niece. It took a while to get used to having them under my care, certainly a lot of paranoia which I kept mostly to myself, and a whole lot of thinking twice about whether I’m doing—or showing an example of—the right thing for them as they grow into adulthood. But get used I did, which included me adjusting my lifestyle a little bit in order to accommodate two more people within my personal circle.

But when they go home for school breaks, I experience something else.

At first I thought it would finally be freedom, because I could finally get back to my old routine, to what I was used to when I was living alone. And then I realized that the house seemed lonely and missing without the two. Plus, I couldn’t seem to make food for one anymore. What gives?

I can only imagine what other parents and guardians are feeling with a real empty nest syndrome.  I wouldn’t presume this is anywhere near how they feel, because even as I miss having the kids around, I also sorely miss the now discontinued deep fried cookies.

So, I made some. You take your oreos, dip them in extra-thick pancake batter, deep fry, and then serve with vanilla ice cream on top. For the gym buddy and health conscious zealot, this must have been scandalous.

Again, I made quite a few more than I could eat.

Again, I made quite a few more than I could eat.

Also, this is the one time of the year when I can have anything for dinner. Like, pancakes.


Of course they didn’t cook well, I don’t even know why I wanted pancakes for dinner!

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