WP Challenges

Idle hands, thinking cap.

A lot of times, I get lazy thinking of what to write about. So the challenges are a welcome input to what I could write about. The following is a list of the different challenges in WordPress that I have participated in. Thank God for all the wonderful people who post challenges, for inspiration!


Moving And Music      For the Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music


The Joy of Coming Home       For the Daily Prompt: Home


Silver, With a Golden Heart     For the Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make the Man


Lessons From Candid Shots     For Cee’s Photo Challenge: Candid Shots


Saturation: Two Sides to a Word      For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturation


Kapatagan (Travel Theme: Relaxing)      For  Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Relaxing


If I Should Lose My Senses      For the Daily Prompt: Super Sensitive


Wonderland Is Real (Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside)      For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


One More Class: Why a Teacher Always Goes back to the Classroom      For the Weekly Writing Challenge: Backward


Travel Theme: Distance      For Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Distance


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea      For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

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