About Me

What kind of person are you?

See, that is a very tricky question–both useful and containing. To define the kind of person you are now may help you compare the kind of person you would have been in the future. But then again, it gives a definition of–and somehow a limitation to–who you are, instead of who and what else you could be.  There is one reason why I have not made a blog site in the past, why I stuck to handwritten diaries: they always ask me to fill out an “About Me” page. It is not that I choose not to define myself, I just could not answer the question before I get bored staring at the form. So…

Better not worry about who I am, because I am endlessly getting to know myself and telling you what I have discovered about myself, so far, would only take another five or so pages…

I guess it would suffice–for now–to say that I am a Gemini and as such, I’d have a long list of have-been’s and can’t really expect who I’ll be next, can I? I am a Gemini, in the truest sense of the word, which might probably explain why there is a wide array of things I am interested in.

In this blog, please expect a certain amount of messy routine: fandoms, crafts, current interests (and by that i mean obsessions), rants that would look a little stupid for a Facebook status, TV series and episode reviews/recaps, movies, comics, books, a little bit of music, even less of the personal life.

So, the Life and Times of Lia. Here goes my shot.

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